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On June 26, you can choose either Olivia Chow or Josh Matlow, whose “unique” plan to reduce Toronto’s brutal highway traffic is to actually tear down the highway, namely the Gardiner Expressway.

OR, you can make your commute faster, enjoyable (for a change) and less stressful by choosing Mark and his plan, which is to implement a precedent- setting incentivization tool to significantly reduce Toronto highway traffic.

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June 15th

LeLiever Promises to Save Toronto Millions With Plan to Overhaul Toronto’s Procurement Process

The way Mark sees it, the City of Toronto’s Procurement Process is flawed. When the City’s operating budget was around $1 billion just ten years ago, one could argue the way Toronto went about procuring products and services back then was acceptable given the numbers were much smaller. Today the operating budget stands at around $16 billion, with $2 billion of that going directly to procurement.

June 9th

LeLiever Announces Details of Precedent-Setting Incentivization Tool to Reduce Highway Traffic

Laser focused on Mark LeLiever’s platform to Get Toronto Moving both physically and economically, today he officially announces details of his plan to reduce Toronto highway commuter traffic by as much as 25% while increasing City of Toronto revenue by an estimated $300 million annually.

May 18th

Mark LeLiever Promises Property Tax Freeze Over Next Three Years

Consistent with Mark’s focus to Get Toronto Moving both physically and economically, he promises a property tax freeze over the next three years so you can move your financial life forward by keeping more money in your pocket to pay for the things you and your family need

Something you might find unusual happened to me a while back when I canvassed for the Toronto Star...

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