There are lots of things Mark believes in when it comes to a healthy, productive life, things like eating well (sure, he never met a muffin he didn’t like, but he’s working on that) and getting a solid eight hours of sleep each night (he still works 60 to 70 hours a week, so for him that’s a bit tough, but he’s working on that too). When it comes to Mark and politics, here are some things that might surprise you:



Mark doesn’t believe in Left or Right; he fervently believes in Right over Wrong, wherever “right” falls on the political spectrum. He understands you can’t please everyone all the time, so when a line needs to be drawn in the sand, he will unfailingly and unapologetically stand on the side that is right and best for the majority.



It may be a tough pill to swallow for most, including Mark, but he accepts the fact that from time to time work needs to be done on the roads to improve this City. The problem is, when the City takes away a road to do this, they need to give somewhere else, meaning lessening restrictions on neighbouring arterial roads where possible to minimize the tightening effect on traffic. Mark believes in give and take.


It always puzzled Mark why government is never run in a more practical, common-sense way, until one day a light bulb went off inside his noggin and suddenly things were clear: The politicians we elect rarely if ever have real-world, private sector experience. How can you create jobs if, during your career, you’ve never created a single job and your pay-cheque has always been signed by someone else? How can you make big budgetary decisions that affect millions of people if the only skin you have in the game is the skin on your fingers that you use when you pick-up a pen and vote on how to spend other people’s money?

If Mark’s three decades in the private sector running his own businesses has taught him anything, it’s that a fiscally-responsible approach to spending money is integral to the success of every organization, especially when it’s other people’s money. Driven by this understanding combined with a feeling of great responsibility ensures Mark will be rigorous when deciding where to allocate your money, his top priority, first and foremost, to make a tangible positive difference in your life. He believes that starts with his top priority to Get Toronto Moving.


We all know Toronto is not Canada, but with Toronto being our country’s economic centre, it might as well be. This is why Mark feels strongly that if Toronto doesn’t move, plain and simple, this country doesn’t move, and as a result the municipal government has a huge responsibility way beyond this City’s borders.

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