Mark’s plan is simple: to Get Toronto Moving physically and economically. It’s a 4-part plan that focuses on:

1.   Traffic Congestion

People are suffering right now and both their physical and mental well-being is at stake in a City plagued by traffic congestion that is among the world’s worst. Lessening congestion is a big part of Mark's plan; it will save people time, money, and a whole heap of mental duress.

2.   TTC (Safety, Cell, Wi-Fi)

As much as people need to move about on the roads more effectively, people need to move around Toronto safely and productively on the TTC. With 1,068 violent incidents reported on the TTC in 2022, Mark’s VISION Zero is to get that number down to Zero in 2024. Free WiFi will increase productivity; accessible cell service FOR ALL will improve safety.

3.   Spending

Why is Canada’s largest city always looking for bailouts from the Federal and Provincial governments? No more. Mark believes passionately that we need to lead our country by example and he sees an economic path forward to moving Toronto’s finances in the right direction toward self-sufficiency with a tough but fair 2024 City of Toronto budget.

4.   Business Leadership

When people become self-sufficient, the community thrives. As Toronto heads into uncertain economic times, Mark’s innovative SmartStart initiative is needed now more than ever. It promises to move lives forward by fostering financial independence through leadership and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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