It's as simple as this: Mark stands firmly on a platform to Get Toronto Moving both physically and economically. That’s it—for starters. No fanfare. No fireworks. No earth-shattering declaration to move mountains, just Toronto moving and he promises to get us there.

No doubt this simple yet directionally-focused approach will provide an abundance of multi-dimensional benefits, such as:


More Family & Leisure Time

Less commuting time means more quality time spent with family and friends.


Improved Mental Health

Less traffic leads to less frustration, stress, irritability, and more. As a whole, Torontonians are suffering right now.


Lives Saved

EMS, Fire and Police will shave minutes off travel time getting to emergencies, in some instances the difference between life and death.


Free Wi-Fi on TTC

Ensuring Rogers keeps the 'pedal to the metal' guarantees riders moving about on public transit will enjoy increased productivity within ONE year.


Cell Service On Subway System

Enhanced connectivity supporting ALL carriers will improve safety in 75 subway stations and throughout their almost 80 kms of tunnels within ONE year.


Budgetary Constraint

Reduced spending will get Toronto's economic future moving in the right direction.


Wealth Creation

Current businesses will thrive, and Toronto will become attractive again for existing businesses in other markets to expand here.


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Thousands of cars will move more freely daily, reducing idling time in stopped traffic by as much as 50%, reducing Toronto’s CO2 emissions significantly.


Healthier Toronto as a Whole

Every Torontonian will feel a positive difference in their life.

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