Help Mark

Mark had intended NOT to accept currency in the form of financial donations to fund his campaign. His goal was to accept donations in the form of time only. However, given the strict rules governing campaigns and a candidate's contribution limits, if Mark is going to succeed he will need your help. So if you believe in him and his message and would like to make a financial contribution, please select the 'I want to donate' button. (Under the City of Toronto contribution rebate program, the City of Toronto provides generous rebates for contribution amounts ranging from $25.01 to a maximum of $2,500.)

If a financial contribution is out of the question but you are really motivated to help Mark Get Toronto Moving, that is absolutely brilliant; Mark needs volunteers as much if not more than he needs money to make this work and he would be thrilled to accept your time!

Now, if you have absolutely no free time but still want to do something, requesting a lawn sign or chatting up a neighbour or friend about Mark and his campaign would do wonders. Please select the 'Donating $ is difficult' button and fill out the form; someone from Mark's team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Together we can Get Toronto Moving!

Help Mark:

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